My Writing

Welcome to my writing! Here is a sampling of some of the various types of writing that I do.

The Intruder

“The Intruder” is a fictional narrative piece that I wrote to describe the impact that PTSD has on many military families. It was written after many conversations between myself and other wives of veterans that suffer from PTSD.

A Veteran’s Wife poem

“A Veteran’s Wife” is a poem I wrote on Veteran’s Day as a reflection of what it means to love a man in uniform. Being a military spouse is an honor that brings a great deal of responsibility and requires flexibility. It is a difficult and often thankless job but one that I wouldn’t trade for the world. This is a salute, of sorts, to the silent ranks.

I also used this poem to create the following graphic:

A Veterans Wife

MEB Rebuttal

Over the past ten years I have helped a handful of soldiers write formal military rebuttals. I am happy to say that each of these soldiers that I have helped have won their rebuttals due to having solid evidence and a solid rebuttal. The “MEB Rebuttal” you see here is an example of a rebuttal I recently helped a soldier write who found numerous, inexcusable errors in his Medical Examination Board NARSUM. This memo demonstrates my ability to work closely with soldiers as well as my knowledge of military protocol and the MEB/IDES process.

Bartleby Paper

This piece was written for an American Literature class that I took last year at St. Charles Community College. I included it here to showcase a piece of my academic writing. While this essay was written in response to an assigned reading of “Bartleby, The Scrivener”, I took it as an opportunity to discuss the parallels between Bartleby’s circumstances and those of soldiers who are experiencing PTSD. I believe this essay demonstrates my ability to be analytical and professional in my writing.


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