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Heather FLH3Contact: heathertabers@gmail.com

I am a forty-year-old recent graduate of Arizona State University and I am glad that’s over!  I received my Bachelor of Science in Communication in December 2015 while homeschooling my own kids. I love to learn and I love to teach and I believe that there’s always something new to discover, experience, and share every day. I struggle daily to discern who God wants me to be when I grow up but I continue looking for lives to touch as I wait on His answer.

I’m awed by the women in my life who seem to have clear direction, clear purpose, and a clear understanding of who God has called them to be. That’s never been me. I’ve never stood out in any area. I’ve never gravitated to one side. I’ve never lead others in a new direction. And I’ve certainly never been the best at anything I’ve attempted. While that used to frustrate me, leaving me feeling inadequate and “stuck” I’ve found that being smack in the middle of average and ordinary tends to make me quite accessible to everyone. And I like that.

This is just me on my quest to be who God wants me to be.

The dream of my heart is to be a writer but for now I’m happy to be a mama, wife, free-lance writer, friend, and daughter of God who’s just trying to figure it all out. Why? Because if people know that I’m trying, then they know that something has mattered to me. God matters to me. My marriage matters to me. My children matter to me. People matter to me.

I am also the wife of a wounded warrior and the mother of five amazing children. Leadership, duty, responsibility, selfless service, honesty, integrity, and personal courage are more than just the Army’s core values- they are mine. They are my family’s. Family is my heart. People are my passion.

I currently serve as the National Military Director as well as the VP of Communications & Creative Services for Women At Rest Ministries, Inc and I have a passion for helping women learn to trust God in the midst of their circumstances. I’m a contributor for both Sixty & Me and the Military Mom’s Blog. My husband and I homeschool our five children, ranging in age from 10-18 and are enjoying our new life in sunny central Florida.

Wanna chat? I welcome feedback, input, and I love hearing your stories. Feel free to email me at heathertabers@gmail.com

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