Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump

Thursday evening my husband and I attended a Donald Trump rally in Kissimme, FL and I posted some of the pictures and videos on my Facebook page. When the umpteenth person messaged me and asked me why I was voting for Trump and what I say to other Christians who don’t want to vote for him, I decided maybe I should just put my thoughts into words that everyone can see.

Trump Signs

Let me start off by saying that I know nothing about politics. When we watch the Convention and the inner party debates I have to ask my husband to give me the play-by-play in layman’s terms because my mind tends to forget election-year jargon in between elections. It’s like I need an Intro to Civics class every four year and a quick history on each of the key players. “Who’s that guy and where did he come from?” But as a Christian that rarely ever holds back her thoughts or feelings on anything, I feel that it’s important to share what God has showed me and what He’s laid on my heart about this year’s Presidential election.

Donald J. Trump is not my first candidate of choice for POTUS. But since my husband isn’t running for office, I have to pick someone else. Truthfully, Dr. Ben Carson was my first pick of those original Republican candidates that begged for our money and our vote. I wasn’t sure if he was strong enough as a contender but I knew he was strong in his faith, in his beliefs, in his values, in his morals, and in his desire to be a servant leader of our country. But he didn’t win the Republican nomination.

So, now we have Trump and Hilary.

Yes, I could quote what many of my fellow Conservatives have said in that “Any vote against Trump is a vote for Hilary” and that is true. But my reasons for voting for Trump go much further beyond that. I actually have a few things I like about the guy. And I have the longest laundry list in history of reasons nobody should ever vote for Hilary Clinton. I’ll do my best to summarize those as concisely as possible, though. This is a blog. Not a sequel to War and Peace.

OK, so why I like Trump: First off, like it or not, he won the Republican nomination. He won. That tells me a few things. 1. He’s obviously better at this politics stuff than we thought he was. 2. The American people are tired of politicians. And 3. He must know a lot more than I know because I have no idea how he beat out the candidates but he did. Second, if anyone knows about money and debt and how to have more money than debt, it’s Donald Trump. The man has built an empire. He has failed along the way many times. But he has kept building higher and higher. If there’s any hope of someone looking at the financial ruin our country is currently in and finding a way to dig us out of it, Trump can. Third, while I’m not a huge fan of his temperament, Donald Trump is not a man that other world leaders will easily push around. We’ve been viewed as a weak, passive nation for the past 8 years and I think it will take someone with a strong personality and strong initiative to bring us back to the top. We need a President who will keep us safe and fight to protect us from RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. Trump isn’t afraid to call them what they are. And he won’t be afraid to keep them out of our country.

Most importantly, I’m going to vote for Donald Trump for this one reason: The next President of the United States will have the honor and privilege of assigning potentially 2-4 future Supreme Court Justices. Why does this matter? Because Presidents don’t get to make laws. Presidents can’t end abortion. Presidents don’t rule on marriage or gun control or our freedom of speech. But Supreme Court Justices do. And we need a President in the White House that will appoint Conservative Justices to the Supreme Court. If you want to see positive change in our country, this is where it will be.

Trump Speaking

Now for the short list of why I don’t like Hilary: First, I don’t want a President that is already wrapped up in a number of controversial scandals. If your personal integrity is not strong enough to keep you out of this kind of trouble BEFORE you’re President, you have no hope of reigning with integrity from within the Oval Office. Second, I do not trust a word that comes out of that woman’s mouth. Plain and simple – she has a loooooooong record of lying to the American public. Third, while I think a woman could make a fine President, I do not think SHE would make even a descent President and voting for her simply because she’s a woman would make me sexist. Fourth, she has not made our international relationships stronger. She knows nothing about international trade. And she is certainly not respected or taken seriously by many foreign dignitaries. She stands no chance of becoming a strong world leader. And finally fifth, she will ABSOLUTELY appoint liberal Justices to the Supreme Court, taking away our guns, limiting our freedom of speech, demanding acceptance of muslim extremists and sharia law in our country. She will not protect our integrity. She will not protect our borders. She will not protect us from terrorism. She will bring further demise to our sinking country.

I left the Trump rally with a longer list of things I like about Trump and things I dislike about Trump than what I walked in with. But my support for him as our next President grew exponentially. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if there’s any hope for our nation, it will be with him as our Commander in Chief. And I know that if he is not elected President, it won’t be the fault of the liberals. It won’t be the fault of the pro-choice and the anti-gun and the pro-tolerance-of-everything. It will be the fault of the Evangelical Christians and other card carrying members of the Republican party who are too busy fighting amongst themselves to remember who they’re supposed to be fighting against. It will be the fault of the Americans who don’t want to vote because they don’t like either candidate. It will be the fault of the Americans who think their vote doesn’t matter. And it will be the fault of the Trump supporters who didn’t want to stick their necks out on Facebook or in the office or in their Sunday School class or at the gym or at the shooting range or at lunch and say something about the truth of our nation and the consequences of voting Hilary Clinton into office. It will be my fault if I haven’t done everything I possibly can to encourage my friends to take their civic duty seriously and to pray hard about their right to vote and to pray hard for the next President of the United States.

I don’t know a lot about politics and government and international diplomatic relations. But I know that our country needs to fall on her face before God and beg Him for forgiveness for the sins of our nation. And I know that 2 Chronicles 7:14 says that, “If my people, who are called by my name, will HUMBLE themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, THEN I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and I will HEAL their land.” [emphasis added is mine] I don’t see a lot of humility in either candidate. And I don’t hear anyone asking for forgiveness. But Donald Trump is the only one that I see seeking the counsel of those who pray. He’s the only one I see seeking the counsel from conservative, Bible believing, God loving Christians. He’s the only candidate of the two that might bring us any closer to that HEALING we so desperately want and need in our land.



That’s why I’m voting for Donald Trump. And that’s why I’m asking you to give him your vote, too.


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