Amish Cinnamon Bread

This recipe has been floating all over Pinterest. So, like usual, I took it and gave it my own twist.

This “bread” is much more like a cake than a bread. I like baking it in a bundt cake pan or a 8″x8″ cake pan.

Last week our family made some homemade butter during our homeschool study of colonial America, so I whipped up a quick batch of this bread so we’d have something to apply our creamy butter on. It did not disappoint.

butter 1

Here’s my twist on the popular Amish Cinnamon Bread recipe that makes 2 pans.

1 cup butter, softened
1-1/2 cups white sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
2 cups buttermilk
4 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking soda

Cinnamon/Sugar mixture:
2/3 cups sugar
1/3 cup brown sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon

Cream together the butter, sugars, and eggs. Add milk, flour, and baking soda. Put 1/2 of the batter into 2 greased loaf pans, square pans, or bundt pans (1/4 of the batter in each pan). Mix the cinnamon/sugar mixture together in a separate bowl. Sprinkled 3/4 of this mixture on top of the batter in each pan. Add remaining batter to pans. Sprinkle with last of cinnamon topping. Swirl with a knife. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 min or so until an inserted knife comes out clean. Cool in pan for at least 15 minutes before serving. Serve with delicious, creamy butter for best results.

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