Weapon #3

Weapon 3

When dealing with difficult people who like to raise their voice and yell at me, I’ve often found the best way to respond is to whisper. When I lower my voice, people feel less threatened, the situation deescalates, and they want to know what I’m saying. The whisper is an amazing tool in the world of communication. It stirs up many emotions inside of us, bringing us feelings of deeper intimacy and closeness. We love it when our spouses whisper loving words in our ear. We melt when our little ones whisper a secret. We read in 1 Kings 19 that God even spoke to Elijah not through the burning fire, not through the violent wind, but through a gentle whisper. A whisper can usher in life.

However, when placed in the enemy’s hand, a whisper can usher in death as a weapon of destruction. Knowing the full capabilities and powers of a whisper, the enemy uses it to lure us into safely believing the words we hear. When the enemy shouts at us, we recognize the assault and readily reject it. But when he whispers, if we are not on guard, we can fall prey to his enticement and become ensnared in his wicked ways.

You have to be careful, dear sisters, to interpret what you hear. The voice of God can be difficult to discern from the voice of the enemy. For example, the enemy may whisper that you’re too fat and that you’re husband doesn’t find you desirable any more. God will whisper that He loves you just as you are and wants you to turn to Him to help you become healthier so you can live the life He has planned for you. Do you see the difference? The enemy breathes death but our Savior breathes life! The subject is the same but the message is very different.

So now that we know how to recognize the whispers of the enemy and we know how he uses them, what can we do about it? Thankfully, God gave us the armor we need to defend ourselves from this weapon. Right now, I want you to look down at your index fingers. Hold them up! Now, place them in your ears, smile, and sing loudly, “Lalalalalalalalalalalala I can’t hear you satan!!!!!!!” James 4:7 says, “Humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil and HE WILL FLEE!” That’s a promise! God gave you holy fingers to plug your ears so that you can resist the whispers of the evil one. Sisters, do not be afraid! Your God has given you protection over every weapon in that coward’s arsenal. Praise Him!

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