The Lady Can Shoot

I am a girl.

I am SUCH a girl.

I’m a girly girl and I love the color pink. And glitter. So what?!

I can also shoot.

Me & Kevin Costner

Me & Kevin Costner

Last week my husband bought me my first semi-automatic handgun- a Smith and Wesson .380 “Bodyguard” (hence the name Kevin Costner…from the movie…get it??) So today we went to the range. Eagle Eye USA is a new range that just opened up in our area so we decided to give it a shot (pun intended). Donning my new pink ear pro, a cardigan, skinny jeans, and my cutest boots, I wrapped my newly polished fingers around Kevin Costner, pulled the trigger, and blew up that target.

And I loved it.

Even if the kick back was so brutal if left bruises on my hand.



What’s my point? I’m a lady, but I can shoot. My husband, an expert marksman, has taught me well. He sensed my apprehension the moment he put that gun in my hand, but he slowed me down, taught me all the ins and outs of it, and didn’t make fun of me when I named it Kevin Costner. Of all the dates that we have gone on together, this was probably my favorite. For some reason, there’s a certain romantic element to a date at the firing range. For one thing, my husband came behind me and wrapped his arms around me to help show me how to pull the gun in closer towards me. What girl doesn’t love that?!?!

Then there was this:

My Hero

My Hero

There is something about seeing my husband in his element that makes my heart flutter. Do you see the way he’s standing?? He knows what he’s doing. He’s a former police officer, former Marine, former Soldier. He knows his way around a weapon and he can hit the target dead on every time. When I’m with him, I feel safe and protected. Very protected.

If you love a soldier and you haven’t been to a shooting range together, I highly recommend it. It’s a great date night activity and a lot of fun. Even if you’re a girly girl like me, who walks away sore and bruised, you’ll feel like a badass when your target looks like this when you leave:



Edited to Add: After blowing out the center of the target, we decided to aim at other spots on the target. Don’t let those off-target shots fool you… they were intentional. We nailed it.

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