Food- A Language Of Love

how to feed a soldier logo

Some people show love through words of affirmation, gifts, physical touch, quality time, or acts of service. I have found that I have my own love language- food. Nothing makes me more happy than watching the people I love dig into a plate full of something I’ve whipped up and hearing their collective “yummmmmmmmm…..” as they eat up every crumb. Whether I’m hosting a handful of soldiers for the weekend, making a cake for their annual Dining Out, delivering hot sandwiches to them while they’re pulling flood duty across the state, or making an assortment of cupcakes for one of their weddings, I’ve found many ways to say “Thank You” to members of our military with food. On this new page titled “How To Feed A Soldier” I hope to share soldier-approved recipes and morsels of wisdom on how to feed our Joes- body, mind, and soul.

soldier food

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