The WWP Conspiracy- My Two Cents

Recently, a friend posted a link to an article on Facebook about the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).

She asked if anyone else had heard anything similar to this writer’s opinion of WWP. I replied to her post and thought I would share it here, as well.

 I can only speak from my own experience so bear with me. I understand why many people are angry with WWP. To be honest, if I were to run an organization to help wounded warriors, I do not think I would do it the way WWP does it. HOWEVER, I have yet to see them do anything dishonest or illegal. Yes, their big wigs make a lot of money. Yes, they have a ton of paid employees. They don’t hide that fact. Unlike what the article says, I know many WWP employees who are veterans. A very good friend of mine from right here in Warren County is one of the soldiers featured in their commercials. They have done a number of amazing things for her and she gladly allowed them to use her story. No, WWP does not hand out cash to Veterans like some organizations do. They are not a financial assistance program nor did they ever claim to be. They have a number of programs in place and they serve wounded warriors through those programs. That’s their function. They set up healing retreats for veterans and their spouses. They have rejuvenation days for Caregivers. They host events for wounded warrior families to come together and encourage each other. They take veterans fishing and camping and hunting and to sporting events and other such activities so that they can be with other vets who understand what they’re going through and they can feel “normal” among their peers. They also have programs that help vets learn new vocations and place them in jobs. They provide writing clinics for spouses looking to improve their job skills so they can help their families. They offer peer mentoring programs so that vets can help other vets. To me, after reading this article, it sounds like the author was mad they wouldn’t let him sell his book at their table (which I wouldn’t do either if I was representing a large organization like WWP) and he got offended. I’ve heard a number of similar complaint articles from other vets who got their feathers ruffled because WWP didn’t offer to help them the way they thought they should be helped. WWP doesn’t claim to be the solution to every warrior’s problem. They have certain avenues that they provide assistance and they do a great job in those avenues. That’s my 2 cents worth.

2 thoughts on “The WWP Conspiracy- My Two Cents

  1. WWP has done nothing but what they told me they would do and have helped me so much. If not for their retreats I would still be in my room, under my covers in the dark. It is a sad statement that people who do not get what they want can smear the name of an organization helping so many.

  2. AJ, first and foremost, I want to thank you for your service. I’m so glad that WWP was able to help you in your time of need. I’m sure WWP cannot meet every veteran’s needs, but I know that they do a great deal of good for a great number of veterans. Glad you were one of them! I appreciate your feedback. God bless.

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